Keep Going

“Just because you aren’t making progress as fast as you think you should does not mean you’re not making progress.

Keep going.”

This is a post for all of my people out there, men, women, WHOEVER that need motivation today to keep going.

There are so many times I think about giving up and think about how I am so unhappy with the way I look and feel about myself and I need to give myself more credit. And so do you. Even if the scale hasn’t moved or you still can’t wear exactly what you want to wear yet, don’t give up.

Any small victory is still a victory.

You chose a salad over 2 (let’s be real, more like 5) pieces of pizza? GOOD FOR YOU! You went to the gym and worked out for 10 minutes instead of 30? Great. You thought positively about yourself instead of saying “I wish” or thinking negative thoughts to cloud your brain with a harmful narrative for yourself. Love that.

Keep it up.

I am so proud of us. And seriously, I love seeing people on my feed’s progress. Any and all types of progress. Whether it be weight, career, or personal it doesn’t matter. I am here for it and supporting you from the sidelines. You all motivate me more than you even know.

Keep going.

If anyone ever needs someone to talk to or wants to share their progress but is feeling scared about posting to the public you can always reach out to me and I’ll be there for you. I got u.

Thanks for reading and I hope this can help you make at least one positive choice today or help you have better thoughts about yourself for the rest of your day. I love you and I’d love and appreciate it if you’d subscribe or share my blog with a friend. Thank you!

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